To Optimize Woman Role, the Contribution of KPPI is needed

Acting Gorontalo Provincial Secretary, Weni Liputo appreciated  that Regional Reprensentative Council of Indonesian Politic Woman Caucus or  DPD KPPI Gorontalo Province  2018-2022 period has been formed.

Gorontalo- On behalf of the Provincial Government and as a Governor representative, Weni Liputo expressed his gratitude that KPPI Gorontalo has been formed. According to him that Woman presence constitutionally is still in a small rate even in a quantitative side. Weni uttered this while he opened the inauguration of management KPPI in Gorontalo Province.

At the beginning of his speech, Weni hoped that KPPI must be able to give contribution and woman role in Gorontalo Province can be more optimized.

“ I hope that KPPI not only boost how to be a member of National Council and High Council, but how to contribute toward government’s policy concerning citizen’s existence.  Legally, still hoping that woman role and position has to be more optimized suitable with segment and component that occur in citizen’s interest,” Acting Provincial Secretary uttered.

Weni affirmed that women in Gorontalo have to be a leader for the upcoming years and  do not use any available means, start from small things and do whatever we can do.

Regional Representative Council of Indonesian Politic Woman Caucus  ( DPD KPPI) Gorontalo Province Management officially inaugurated by the Chairman of Central KPPI and witnessed by acting Gorontalo Provincial Secretary, the Chairperson of House of Representatives of Gorontalo Province and the Chairwoman of Family Welfare Movement for Gorontalo Province.

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Reporter/ Photo : Nova
Editor : Asriani

Translated by Fera


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