The Governor of Gorontalo Calls On The Public To Use Social Media Wisely

The Governor of Gorontalo was delivering his speech on Friendly Meeting and Social Service Event that was held in Boalemo Regency and Pohuwato Regency, Thursday ( 30/11)

The Governor has called on to the public to use social media wisely. According to him, we must to use information technology development wisely, refrain from spreading hatred and defamatory remarks or sara issues (ethnicity, religion, race and inter-group relation).

Rusli noted that media social has become a fertile media for negative behavior , which is not part of our nations culture and these tend to provoke or besmirch others leading to further hatred. He delivered this in the middle of his working visit to submit some aids to the residents in Boalemo Regency and Pohuwato Regency, Thursday (30/11).

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Rusli addressed the people to stop spreading hoaxes and defamatory remarks and no provocative action.
The Governor asked to inter-religions in Gorontalo Province that we are serious in promoting peace through mutual understanding and appreciation of each other’s religions. Let us maintain security and order in facing the chrismas and New Year.

Rusli also campaingned to stop Miras ( miras is short for minuman keras – strong drink includes beers). Based on the data from Polda Gorontalo ( Regional Police of the Republic of Indonesia) Miras is still high level criminal in Gorontalo (78 percent). He also hoped to all parties in order to stop in consuming alcohols.

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Reporter/editor : Isam
Photographer : Salman
Translated by : Fera


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