Nou – Uti Gorontalo Tourism Ambassador

Uti from Bone Bolango regency officially pinned as the winner by Gorontalo Vice Gov. H. Idris Rahim (right) at Grand Palace Gorontalo City, Friday Night (8/12)

GORONTALO – Nurfizriyanti Adam (Nou from Boalemo Regency) and Faizal Lukman Madi Nou (female) and Uti (male) Gorontalo Province 2017 officially selected at the Nou Uti 2017 Award after successfully competing from 6 candidates. Vice Gov. H. Idris Rahim said on his speech, Nou dan Uti selected is a Gorontalo tourism ambassador.

As a Tourism Ambassador Nou-Uti has a responsibility to support and develop tourism sector in Gorontalo.
“As a Tourism Ambassador Nou-Uti has a responsibility to help government in developing Gorontalo tourism throughout the world,” Idris explained.

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In addition, Idris also added that how to realize the Gorontalo tourism throughout the world is needed entire element of society due to tourism is one priority leading program of Provincial Government.

Nou Boalemo Regency was pinned as the winner by The Chairwoman of Provincial Ladies Association (DWP) Hj. Nurinda Rahim (left) at Grand Palace Gorontalo City, Friday Night (8/12).

“Not only Nou-Uti that has a responsibility to drive the tourism sector in Gorontalo but we as a gorontalo people also have to do it together with all element in society,” Idris said.

Nancy Lahay, Head of Provincial Tourism Dept. explained that all the nou-uti candidates has been through for some briefing and evaluation phases since 6 december 2017. Some briefing materials are about ethic, culture and public speaking, and do some visit to some of tourism destination and culture, beauty and Gorontalo local media.
“For the final result, the committee has already held a talent show and some interview,” Nancy remarked.

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Reporter/Editor : Haris
Photographer : Haris
Translated by : Fera

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