Here is Mr. Governor with His “Cowboy Style” in Responding Farmer’s Complaints

Gorontalo Governor Rusli Habibie (right) greeted residents at Deme II Urban Village, Sumalata Timur Sub-District, Gorontalo Utara Regency, Monday (23/4). The Attendance of the former of Gorontalo Utara Regent opened the event of Karya Bhakti Sosial held by Pangkalan TNI AL Gorontalo at the seaside of Gorontalo Utara.

The interesting thing from Governor Rusli Habibie ‘s working visit  and his ranks to Deme II Village, Sumalata Timur Sub-District, Gorontalo Utara Regency, Monday (23/4) were  that Governor responded some complaints from clove’s farmer that had crop failure at the Karya Bhakti Sosial event held by Indonesian Navy (TNI AL).

Rusli answered rapidly all the complaints. He asked the Head of the Provincial Agriculture Department and his ranks to stay remain, Governor asked them to arrange the meeting among clove’s farmer, urban village apparatus and  local sub-district.

“Is Head of the Agriculture Dept. in ? (the secretary of Agriculture Dept stood up), yes the representative right?. Please do not leave soon, and we are going to have a meeting among the sub-district’s head, head of the Urban Village and clove’s farmers to discuss the crop failure in these two years, Rusli asked all residents to clap their hands.

The former of Gorontalo Utara’s regent asked the Provincial Agriculture Dept to solve all the crop failure problems and this is also in line with the President Joko Widodo’s direction. The President  wanted the government present directly face to face to make sure whether residents are under good and rapid service or not. Governor stated that he need the result as soon as possible from the Agriculture Dept this evening.

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Gorontalo Governor also conveyed the same utterance to the Head of Marine and Fisheries Dept. They were asked to hold a meeting regarding with fisherman’s need at the seaside of Gorontalo Utara.

“the boat is too small, I am sure that it doesn’t use engine, it must be use paddle, right? (Governor pointing to the lean boat at the seaside). Do all of you agree if Governor will replace your boat to the big one? Mr. Sutrisno (the Head of Provincial Marine and Fisheries Dept.) would you like to stay longer here and make a list of all fishermen who intend to get boat 3 and 15 GT. I will realize it this year” Governor affirmed.

Rusli with his “cowboy style” suddenly was greeted hysterically by all residents who flocking the area, Some say “odiye Gubernur” ( this is it) . All residents don’t believe it if Rusli came to make their dream come true.

Governor Rusli came to open the Karya Bakti Sosial Pangkalan TNI AL (the Indonesian Navy) event. Some events that was held were mass circumcision, free medical service, KB Service and cheap market.

Also the development of Maternal and Child Health Service at the Wombudu Urban Village and 1000 mangrove trees plantation at Koluwoka Urban Village Sumalata Timur Sub-District, Gorontalo Utara Regency.

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Reporter/ Editor: Isam

Translated by : Fera


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